Que Fresco BBQ's & Smokers

For barbecue, fire and luxury goods retailers who want to grow their revenue. The Que Fresco brand development service delivers qualified customers to your shop.

Que Fresco is the UK and Ireland distributor for a select range of luxury barbecue brands. Additionally Que Fresco hand builds BBQ grills and smokers.

About Us

Established in 2013 Que Fresco is a family business whose mission is simply to provide the best in barbecue.

  • Construction quality is paramount
  • Cooking capability is of the highest standard
  • All wrapped up with cutting edge design

We aim to by-pass corporate mass production and the continuous drive to cheapen by providing the very best in bespoke barbecue from innovators and enthusiasts around the world.

Whether you buy a Que Fresco product or one of the quality brands we represent, you'll always find that your equipment delivers superb cooking results.

How To Use This Site

This site is here to support you the consumer, our retail partners and our independent barbecue manufacturers.  

For The Consumer

We catalogue all the barbecue products either made by Que Fresco or distributed by Que Fresco and will take you into the detailed specification of every product. This catalogue is here to support the work done by our specialist retailers who stock and serve you at the local level. At the bottom of each product page we will provide links to the retailer network in the UK & Republic Of Ireland.

A select number of our products are more specialist and exclusive in nature (expensive) so these products can be purchased directly from us or through a network of specialist retailers.

Finally this website also describes examples of the bespoke products hand made by Que Fresco here in the UK. Please call us to discuss your barbecue dream and we'll do our level best to convert your dream into reality!

For The Retailer

Our product descriptions, pictures and supporting videos are here to help you and the general public understand the product features & benefits and to drive demand and help you serve your local community.

For The Manufacturer

If you're a manufacturer of quality niche barbecue products who are looking for a route into the UK and Irish markets then please call us and we'll see if we can help.

Meet The Team


Paul is founder and managing director. Paul loves BBQ (of course) and skiing but has found it challenging to regularly mix the two at the same time. Given sunshine and time Paul would be grilling and smoking all day long but Paul is also responsible for the marketing of the brands and retailer support.


Hannah is full time student and part time developmental chef. Every now and then Hannah writes new recipes to use with barbecue products made and distributed by Que Fresco.


Rob runs the warehouse, ensures stock availability and manages the shipping of your orders. Cooking's not his first love but invite him taste the developmental recipes and he'll bring the beer. 


Suzie keep us all (and the business) under control because we need to run a healthy business so we can enjoy what we do and do what we enjoy.