3rd January 2019

Barbecue Bargains!
Ex Display & Demonstration Grill Sale

We have some fantastic pre-season wood pellet barbecue bargains on offer. Ex-demonstration grills and accessories from Monolith Kamado, BBQ Guru and JensenGrill.

The barbecue bargains listed on this page are NOT in brand new condition. Some have been used, some are ex display and therefore unboxed and some have damaged packaging, we will do our best to describe any defect on each item (although we may have two or three boxes with similar damage).

Most items we just have one available and when it's gone, it's gone; so if you're interested, please don't hang around, we will be updating this list on a real time basis.

All prices quoted are inclusive of UK VAT, postage* and packing. For enquiries outside of the UK the please contact us directly.

*Some of our barbecue bargains are already assembled. In order to ship these safely and securely we will consolidate individual consignments into our van and deliver at our convenience (UK mainland only). Our commitment is that all of these BBQ bargains will be delivered in good time for Christmas.

To pay for any item you can either call us and we can take payment by card or BACS bank transfer. Alternatively hit the "Add To Cart" button and you will be taken through our Paypal gateway. Upon successful completion you will be returned to our site to complete your contact details and delivery address.

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Barbecue Bargains From JensenGrill

JensenGrill Estate 3.0 stainless steel gas grill. Used for demonstrations has signs of use internally but because it is made exclusively of type 304 stainless steel there is no rust and looks as good as new externally. It's the flat lid design with silver coloured knobs & handles. Includes height adjustable charcoal trays, three powerfull gas burners and a warming cupboard below.

All the flavour of charcoal with the immediate control of gas...you can cold smoke too.

This professional standard grill comes complete with JensenGrill cover.

Jensen Gas Grill Sale UK
UK Gas Grill Bargain
UK Gas Grill Sale
JensenGrill Burners
Cheap Gas Grill With Cover

This ex-demonstration professional model price £1,945

Retail price for grill is £3,945 - That's a £2,000 reduction!

BBQ Guru Sale Items

We have a number of BBQ Guru controllers which come complete with the universal adapter suitable for Classic / Large ceramic grills and bigger incl Kamado Joe, Monolith, Big Green Egg and Primo. The universal adapter is also compatible with Pro Q / Weber Smokey Mountain.

In all cases the barbecue bargains below are brand new and any damage is exclusivley to the packaging.

Digi Q DX2 with universal adapter

Digi Q Guru Bargain UK

Free Delivery

We have 2 available at £229 incl P&P (RRP = £279)

Mains operated with one pit probe and one food probe. Control the temperature of your grill and cook your meat exactly to your liking. Suitable for Classic / Large ceramic grills and bigger incl Kamado Joe, Monolith, Big Green Egg and Primo, also compatible with Pro Q / Weber Smokey Mountain.

Cyber Q Cloud with universal adapter

Cheap BBQ Guru Cyber Q Cloud UK

Free Delivery

We have just 1 left (not original box) for just £359 incl P&P (RRP = £429)

Take your cooking to the next level by linking your controller to you phone via the internet. Enjoy the sharemycook.com forum to learn and share. The Cyber Q cloud comes with provision to operate 3 food probes (1 food probe and 1 pit probe included). Suitable for Classic / Large ceramic grills and bigger incl Kamado Joe, Monolith, Big Green Egg and Primo, also compatible with Pro Q / Weber Smokey Mountain.

Party Q for Junior kamado / BGE Small or Minimax

This is the battery operated unit with pit probe to accurately control the temperature of your grill.

Cheap Party Q UK

Free Delivery

We have 1 available at £165 incl P&P (RRP = £189)

Suitable for Junior ceramic grills and bigger incl Kamado Joe, Monolith & Big Green Egg Small / Minimax.

Monolith Kamado Barbecue Bargains

Monolith Le Chef

We have just one Le Chef available:

It is red with cart and side shelves. This Le Chef has some pedigree having been used by a competition team at the KCBS sanctioned Brew N Q to deliver a first and second place. The cart legs are still wrapped in polythene however there are a few scratches to the paint on the cart. Full warranty included.

Cheap Big Joe UK
Kamado Joe Sale UK
Kamado Joe Bargain UK


Monolith Classic

Monolith Classic with cart ex display. They are missing the instruction manual and not in orginal packaging but have never been used to cook on. The price does not include any of the accessories shown in the picture. Full warranty.

Monolith Classic Black Friday Bargain

Free Delivery


Monolith Classic in cart and side shelves.

Used once, we've just seasonsed it for you! Full warranty included.

Classic Kamado Grill Sale UK


Free Delivery

Monolith Classic in buggy with side shelf (side shelf not shown)

This unit has been used for cooking demonstrations, photo shoots etc. It has been well used. The teakwood has been varnished but and this is now ready for touch up. The wheels are buckled (from lateral movement during transportation) and can easily be replaced by the purchaser if required.

Classic Kamado In Buggy

Free Delivery


Monolith Junior

Brand new 2018 model but not in original box. Full warranty included.

Junior Kamado Grill Sale UK


Free Delivery

Cheap Junior Kamado UK


Barbecue Bargains On Monolith Accessories

Cast iron grill grate for Monolith Le Chef. 1 available with damaged packaging.

Kamado Cast Iron Grate Bargain

Free Delivery

RRP 89.95       Packaging damaged £69.95 incl P&P

Monolith second tier grill grate (2 pieces). This item sits between the two standard grill grates to create 3 tiers overall with this tier sitting flush with the top of the body unit making it ideal for siting a pizza stone. The picture shows one half of the 2 piece set.

Cheap Kamado Grill Expander

Free Delivery

RRP £69.95           Packaging damaged £54.95 incl P&P

Accessories Racks. Packaging damaged.

The accessories rack offers an excellent storage solution for your Monolith bits and pieces. It sits under the cart and when under the grill cover and keeps everything neat and tidy and in one place throughout the Winter months when your grill may not be in so much use.

Classic Kamado Grill Sale UK
Accessories Rack For Classic Kamado


Free Delivery

Classic accessories rack RRP £69.95           Packaging damaged £54.95 incl P&P

Le Chef accessories rack RRP £79.95           Packaging damaged £64.95 incl P&P

Thermolith Bluetooth Thermometer

Download the EasyBBQ app, connect your Thermolith and you're ready to cook. Coupled to the digital thermometer, each Thermolith contains two wireless probes so you can monitor pit and meat or two pieces of meat. There's also the capability to accept a further two probes and everything can be monitored from your smartphone.

Low Cost Bluetooth Thermometer
Cheap Bluetooth Thermometer


Free Delivery

Thermolith RRP £79.95           Packaging damaged £64.95 incl P&P

As stated at the top, all these barbecue bargains are genuine branded stock with limited availability. All items are complete and in full working order, it's simply damaged or missing packaging that dictates that these items cannot be sold through approved retailer channels.

Remember, availability is limited and when these barbecue bargains are sold there will be no more.

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