Grillson Wood Pellet Grills

Grillson wood pellet grills employ a unique air jet burner system for consistent high quality outdoor cooking, these German manufactured barbecues represent the state of the art. Aimed at high net worth individuals who appreciate sleek design, cutting edge technology & elegant simplicity, the Premium models benefit from phone app monitoring & control.

Leif Grillson UK distribution by Que FrescoLeif Grillson Wood Pellet Grill From £2,399
Bob Grillson UK distribution by Que FrescoBob Grillson Wood Pellet Grill From £2,999

What Is A Wood Pellet Grill?

Wood pellet grills are extremely popular in the United States, they are gradually gaining an ardent fan base in the UK and it's easy to understand why:-

  • A wood pellet grill is clean and easy - just load up with pellets and turn it on
  • Just like your kitchen oven, turn the dial to the temperature that you desire and that's it, go grab a beer or pour yourself a glass of wine and relax. Your wood pellet grill needs no tending.
  • With a multitude of wood pellet species to choose from you can really add different smoke flavour dimensions to you BBQ cooking
  • Wood pellet grills are powered by electricity so you never run out of gas!

Grillson offer all of the above and more thanks to their revolutionary technology which is why these grills represent the future of BBQ and confine gas, a fossil fuel, firmly to the past.

Grillson wood pellet grills take convenience barbecue cooking to a different level altogether. There's no compromise, you can smoke, bake, roast and grill. But you can also truly cook directly and sear the most amazing steaks and at 400°C you can even do authentic crisp pizza...all at the flick of a switch!

The final word has to go to the "clean" function. When you've finished cooking, just turn the dial to the "clean" mode for 20 minutes and all the dirt and debris from your cooking just burns off.  

How Does Grillson Technology Stand Out From The Rest?

A traditional wood pellet grill generates heat from a central fire pot seated in the base of the food chamber and this fire pot is fed wood pellets through an auger (screw thread feed).

While the system makes grilling and smoking instant, easy and relaxing, the downside to these operating mechanics is three fold:

  1. The heat generating capacity of the fire pot isn't that powerful so cooking at temperatures above 260°C is impossible
  2. The heat is dissipated evenly throughout the food chamber by convection so there's no true direct heat for searing steaks (you have to use a hot plate)
  3. The auger can jam so starving your grill of fuel

Grillson however have torn up the mechanical rule book so not only do their BBQ grills look contemporary, the cooking performance is also leading edge. 

  1. Gravity fed pellet hopper stores the wood pellets
  2. A glow plug in the base of the hopper ignites the wood pellets
  3. The wood pellet fire sits on a grill grate at the base of the hopper funnel
  4. A controlled air jet blasts the wood fire and thus drives the food chamber temperature
  5. Fire radiates from the burner into the diffusor.
  6. The diffusor produces radiation and convection heat in the grill area.
  7. Radiation heat is delivered from the diffuser directly to the grill area over which you can properly sear meats.
  8. Convection heat circulates in the grill area for indirect cooking
  9. The grill grate is heated up in an indirect and even way, you can also set up for 2 zone cooking
  10. The inclined surface of the base allows fat to flow away so no flare ups
  11. The fat collection basin is a removable drawer that you can easily empty
  12. Two meat thermometers help you obtain perfect grill results (these are wireless on the Bob Premium S)
  13. Wi-Fi: Bob (and Leif Premium) connects with your smart phone directly or via the local Wi-Fi network
  14. Your smart phone can control all the basic grill functions and has pre-set programs so you cook meat just the way you like it first time and every time

Where To Buy Grillson Wood Pellet Grills

Grillson wood pellet grills are available in the UK:

BBQ Barn - 145, Station Road, Sidcup. DA15 7AA T:0208 309 6020

Luxury Outdoor Living - 24, Market Place, Woodstock. Oxfordshire. OX20 1TA
T:01865 582458

Que Fresco (that's us) - Paythorne, Clitheroe. BB7 4JD T:07814 500755 demonstrations by appointment.

Appointed Retailers In Ireland:

A Room Outside (Limerick) - 54, Eastlink Business Park, Ballysimon Rd, Monaclinoe, Limerick  T:061 603 686

A Room Outside (Wexford) - Unit 5C, Kerlogue Business Park, Rosslare Rd, Standfield.  T:053 915 6761

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